Thursday, October 29, 2009

Him First

Good Morning All,
Well my niece is due in Februrary and I was recruited again to make the shower favors lol...So, I got "Baby" on my mind and thought this would be a cute card.  Probably see alot more baby stamps coming your way....
It's 5:30AM here in NY and a wee bit chilly, but today is early dismissal day which means for us bus driver's it's only one run this afternoon...woo hoo...Alot more kids on the bus, but once they all get delivered, I"M DONE lol...  Found out two days ago that the elementary has detected several cases of the swine flu and yesterday one of the kid's told me it has slithered into the middle school...I have one kid in middle school and one in high school...being a small town, school is one building housing from Pre-K right up to Sr.s...I am debating whether or not to keep the kid's home today...They both love school, well I should say they love the social aspect of it anyway lmao...So I guess that probably won't happen today...But it's pretty scary havein them subject to this dreaded disease..
Okay, gotta stop rambling now...time to get ready and go..
Oh yeah, that baby stamp can be found HERE

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