Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hey Everyone Check out the Blog Candy

Morning oopsie, Afternoon everyone lol
I was just out blog hopping and lookie what I found...Leah the Orange is givin' away some awesome blog I never ever made a card in my life before, but I am seriously considering it...I have been doing alot of shopping around, joining groups and just gathering as much knowledge as I can...I get alot of encouraging words from alot of my online buddies and I think I just may have a go at it lmao...I will be sure to let ya know if I dare such a thing lol...Well heck, I know I"m gonna it's just a matter of when now...I bought a few goodies this morning at the local grocery store lmao...if you could imagine that
Okay, gotta fly today, hubby goin to doc's and takin the only car we got, so I gotta go to work almost an hour early UGH!!!  Guess I'll wash my windows on the bus, I have a ton of tiny finger artists on my bus and I ran outta paper for them the other day lmao...
Cheers and Good Tidings...



Anonymous said...

what great images you have!!!! so happy to have you with us at dico!

i can't believe you are in ny too-however, where is springwater lol?

i'm on long island in suffolk county :)

talk to you soon!


sam said...

thanks for the heads up on this one hun. Totally awesome candy.
Sam x