Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Goodies today

Good Morning Everyone,
Well here it is - THE END OF THE LONG WEEKEND -
Where does the time go???  Speaking of time, I have 3 new stamps I did manage to create while off work the past 5 days lol...up there is Daisy...ever hear of the movie, Driving Miss Daisy hahahaha, that's how she got her name...she is the first in a series of 3
Now the next one, Emma, she is a fashion queen for sure...don't ya just love the hats these vintage ladies use to wear??  I think they are da bomb lol

and last but not least (these were kinda fun to do, so might be seeing more lol)
Meet the youngest of them all

You can also get them in a pack if you like..they are available in sets of 3
Hope you enjoy...
Timing Out

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