Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ready for the New Year??? I"m not lol

Hello Blog Land,
Sorry I haven't been here a while, been of course busy, yeah right, me and 9 million others this time of year hahaha...Are we ready for Christmas yet?  Pffftttt I know I'm not, never am, til after Christmas of these years I"m gonna surprise my kids and be on time hahaha..
Okay anyway, here's a New Year's stamp I done up, this couple can't look any happier now can they lmao...come with word art you can color too...bling in that new year with some style lol
Okay, off to work, so I can come home and play, only 2 days left and tomorrow is early dismissal woo hoo...
Merry Christmas to us hahaha
& a
Happy New Year..
you sick of hearing that yet lmao...

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