Thursday, February 4, 2010

Want this stamp for FREE??? Learn How Now

On the right side of the blog there is a badge that says 50/50, it is linked to a very unique web site...If you love free digi's then you must join in...Cost is $5.00 for membership and there are so many creator's in there...We put in one Freebie a month and you get them all for your $5.00 membership fee...So go over and take a peek at whats free this month...if you can't find the badge, you can click 
and will take you there...
Good Luck and happy crafting..
stitchy xx


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Liz said...

You have been spamed Stitchy! Oh dear your link does not work I was gonna join you but it does not work thought I would let you know

Liz xx

Anonymous said...

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm new to this!

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Liz's creative corner said...

You need to go on comment moderation hun xx Hugs Liz xx

stitchy said...

yepper on my way lmao...dang spammer's grrrrr thanks huni

DesertBuni said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment...and following me!!! That was so nice of you! And thanks for the invite to your blog...WOW, What a busy place!!! I will have to come back by when I can play awhile and check everything out! It looks great!!! I am following you too now!!!

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Happy Anniversary to you and hubby Stitchy, hope you're having a wonderfully romantic day! :D (And he understands that, however much you love him, blogging is vital! :P)

Cheryl said...

hi sweetie just wanted to wish you a happy anniversary hun and hope you and your hubby have a wonderful day and just to say thank you for asking me to be on your team,hugs cherylxxxxx

Jill said...

Hi Stitchy, I just wanted to say thanks so much for the beautiful Rub a dub dub image, I so enjoyed using it and thanks for your lovely comments you've made my day hugs Jill xx

steph said...

Hi Stitchy, Thanks for the cute Miss Weeble image and the kind comments you left on my blog!
Steph (PTW DT) x