Saturday, July 24, 2010

I"m back again - believe me ??? hahahahaha

Yah thought I better start cleaning out the cobwebs in here so I stayed up til 4AM this morning cleaning and building and installing and wala new blog ;)
I wasn't gonna go with the bears but when I seen Seashell's kit that I had I just couldn't resist that cute little bear and ALL THOSE GOODIES it had, well I just couldn't resist lol
Well stay tuned and I will start posting all my new stamps and stuff in here to give ya a heads up what's in store...Also have a few other things in mind lol..
Good to be back


Padster said...

Them bears are far better than spiders LMAO but hey I'm biased
Hugs Hun,
Deb xx

Susan.... said...

Your blog is looking fab !
susan x

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Looking good Stitchy! :D

Sam said...

those bears are right cute hun especially with the little bows in their fur. you take it easy now woman - I'll be checking back you know xx