Saturday, July 16, 2011

OMG is it July Already haha

Where the heck does the time go...I can't believe I haven't been here since April, I bet Marjo is laughing her butt off at me when she reads this haha...I really should frequent this place more often, but who has the time I ask you :)

Ok, want to show you what I been up to...We StitchyBear Digital Stamps are being published in this really cool magazine from across the pond...It's called

and it's a really cool magazine...anyway, we One Stitch At A Time, decided we should have a contest...instead of me typing it all in, coz we know I hate to type, takes me months sometimes to type something out haha
I'm just gonna show ya my ad I made for it...the contest that it is

Ok got all that read now?  Gonna be really cool...I got both of the magazines in the mail and let me tell you, that magazine is chocked full of goodies, even got some card stock papers and some rubber stamps :)...
That really got me in the mood to start learning again, so I been waiting til 2am (only coz I am on that silly satellite and can't watch YouTube without draining my bandwidth any other time of the day haha) and I been saving a bunch of tuts on how to do this and that...Also been hitting every yard sale from miles around gathering goodies haha...I could probably open a craft store for cards by now with all the stuff I got...

Ok, also wanted to show you what I finished and put in the store's not much, I got so much other stuff going on in my life right now, my drawing is taking 2nd place for the first time in two years now lol..not funny at all, I really miss it..anyway, what you think

It's not much, called Love's Garden, but I am fascinated with spoon dolls, my sis made me an angel one time and I always loved thought I would draw one lol...

Well guess it's time to move on to something else, hope it's not another 4 months before I get back in here...I came to post some cool candy from She Stamps / Cheryl - she is giving away a "how to" book and some copics...I still haven't cracked mine open, but I'm gettin real close now haha

You all enjoy your summer and hopefully I will get back here sooner...