Friday, October 23, 2009

Hush Lil Baby Silhouette

Good Mornin All that stop by today...
Just finished up another silhouette for ya's...only way I can relax while going through all this crap at work that I have been enduring...Real life, sometimes can be so....well let's not go there right now lol..
As it turned out, wasn't so bad loosing my bus run...they chopped it right in half and added a few other kids to be...still keepin' me a part-timer, which I am not really jumping for joy about...but hey, still have a job and that's what it's all about right???  lol
Enough of that...on to the next adventure down my psp pathway...I'll see ya all later...
Have a wonderful day today and hopefully a better day tomorrow...

1 comment:

sam said...

Lovely silhouette hun. Hope things sort themselves out over there for you.
Take care and thanks for the birthday wishes
Sam x