Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pilgrim Prayer Silhouette Pack

Good Morning everyone who sees....
Another silhouette pack on display in store HERE
Now that that is out of the way lol, on to the good stuff...the wedding is finally here...and NOPE, still don't have them blasted favors or gift box done, UGH...that is why I am here so early on a Saturday morning lol...only a few more to do, then jump in the shower and gather all my family and stuff and head to the city for the big day...I am not only in charge of the favors and gift box, I have also been assigned on clean up duty after the party and taking as many pictures as possible lol... my 13th year old son has a video camera (my old one) and he is also in charge of doing the video...I just hope he keeps it out of YouTube lmao...his favorite spot on here...
Okay, again, running late, but I will be back tomorrow (God Willing) with some more goodies for you...
and be safe & Happy

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sam said...

Hiya hun. Hope everything went to plan eventually. Just popped by to let you know that I've made some Halloween Trick or Treat bags using your lovely little pumpkin digi from the Falloween thingy.
Take care babes
Sam x