Sunday, November 22, 2009

Been a Very Long Day.....

Hi Everyone,
Wow what a long day today, maybe coz I had so much to do and didn't know where to start lol...that always happens to me, I get so overwhelmed sometimes...well anyway, did manage to kick out a few goodies for the's the first one, called
Wishing You Well

and then I thought, hmmmm why not make some sentiments and wrap them all up in a 6 pack lol
So, that is what I did...Not kidding I had almost 50 windows opened and everyone of them were different fonts here they are...kinda hard to see in preview, but I thought they come out pretty

Okay that's all I got for today...
Only two days of school this week then we off til Monday woo I am sure I will be doing more fun things lol...with all them days off...
til then
were are these at again??

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