Friday, November 13, 2009

My First Award

Well firstly,I have to thank Sam for this lovely award (your right Sam, like I don't have enough to do already lol, now don't you complain if I don't get that special stamp done for you right straight hahaha)
Looks like I'm gonna be busy here for a bit answering questions...

1 Where is you cell phone - what's a cell phone?
2 Hair - thick as a brick - no wait that's a song lol
3 Mother - 350 long miles away
4 Father - passed 7 years ago day after my birthday
5 What is you favourite food - shrimp, lobster, crab with a side of filet mignon
6 Dream last night - when I slept or awake?
7 Favourite drink - coffee, tea, pepsi
8 Your dream goal - be rich enough to hire Chef Ramsey
9 What room are you in? - Home Office
10 Your hobby - Mostly makin' digi stamps for my card makin' friends
11 Your fear - Loosing one of my kid's
12 Where do you want to live in 6 years time? - Huge log cabin on top of a mountain
13 Where were you last night? tried to go to ceramics class but it was closed, so went to friends house
14 Something that you aren't - stingy
15 Muffins - hot full of butter
16 Wishlist item - my own lappy
17 Where did you grow up? Pittsburgh PA home of the Steeler's
18 Last thing you did - Let cat outside
19 What are you wearing - long flannel nightie
20 Your TV - Heck no it's 4:30AM shhhh
21 Your pets - 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds
22 Your friends - blog buddies, kids on my bus
23 Your life - has it's ups and downs
24 Your mood - mellow yellow
25 Missing someone - my Mum
26 Vehicle - 1993 Plymouth voyager van
27 Something you're not wearing - shoes
28 Your favourite store - Michael's
29 Your favourite colour - Purple
30 Last time you laughed - last night
31 Last time you cried - night before
32 Your best friend - My hubby
33 One place you go to over and over - computer room
34 One person who emails you regularly - Judy, Sam
35 Favourite place to eat - Olive Garden even though it's been years
36 Facebook - yeah even though I am clueless in there lol

Whew made it lol, that wasn't so bad
Now to find 5 people that I want to inflict this one hahaha

There all done, it was harder to find 5 people to send to then it was to do all those questions lol
Ta Ta for now

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Donna aka Lil Diva said... it..I suppose id better get bust answering lol