Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Release Stamp Party Today

Good Morning Everyone Who See's
We are having a New Release Party today at the store
This is my stamp and we have 7 other creator's that are putting theirs up today too...So come on and join the party...Now I never done one of the Release party's before, so I'm not sure if there are gonna be refreshment's and all that, you will have to go and find that out for yourself lol...Did you not see the link???, well here let me give it to ya again
Okay, I'm gonna be just a little late gettin' to the party since I gotta do "real world" stuff, like go to school and pick up my kiddies lmao...but make sure you save me a seat, coz I don't want to miss to much...
I'll see ya there...
Peace out and Party!!!


sam said...

Great stamp hun but then again you already know that ahem!!!
Sam x

Jennifer Scull said...

I lovvvvvvvve this one! gonna have to put it on my wish list! :)