Saturday, November 7, 2009


A lady friend of mine wrote to me and asked me if I had anything for a sympathy card...I looked and I did not...hmmm I thought, that should be in a stamp I went and made one up last the reason she asked me this, is there is a DT member on a challenge site that just lost her little 3 year old boy...and she wanted to make her a card...if you would like to read about it, warning, tis very can go HERE
I was very touched by this story, it's bad enough when we loose our parents or someone else who is in our lives that have had time to live out their lives, but somehow it is just un-natural to loose our kids first...I could not even imagine that happening to me... Anyway, that is the reason for this stamp...
As for me today, I will be adding another FREEBIE today...but unfortunately, this freebie belongs to another sad story that has touched my life...this one not from the internet but from someone I have known for 15 years...stop back and here her story...
Peace and Love


Jennifer Scull said...

this is beautiful! and I have sent along my card for this family.

sam said...

Gorgeous hun, it'll get used so many times (if I have anything to do with it anyway).Sympathy stuff is not so widely available, not like wedding stuff anyway and unfortunately it is something that will effect all of us at some point in our lives.
Sam x