Sunday, November 15, 2009

Teacher's Pet Book Marks (3) in Pack

Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone...
Well, I am off again today to go to the city for dinner at my MIL's house..She makes the best meals, so this gal is not complainin' lmao...Anyway, before I go, thought I would get these bookmarks in the store before Christmas has come and gone and you forgot all about gettin' the teacher's a little somethin' lol..I know I am guilty of that all the time...Now that my kid's are both in their teens, don't matter much I guess..
Will be back with full belly and big smile tonite lmao...
Talk with ya then...
Have a Crafty Day
oh yeah, case you forgot
is where they are lol
Peace Out

1 comment:

sam said...

These are fab hun - these should go down well
Sam x