Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Corner

Okay, didn't think I was gonna get this one done ever lmao...all those pine needle's makin' me crazy lmao...
But anyway...this is for those stamps that would just look prettier if something more was added to it, or
this standing alone would be very pretty too...
You could color the bulbs to your liking or you could put some tiny pictures of your kids, whether it be fur babies or real babies lmao...would look really cool
Okay, it's still my birthday so I'm gonna go play some more...that is my present to myself today...
PSP all day long hahaha
tomorrow is back to reality UGH!!!
Cya in a bit


Cheryl said...

oh love this hun gosh you are super talented you wait to see mondays post from me hope you will be pleased hugs cheryl xxxx
oh happy birthday hunny hope you had a great onexxx

sam said...

This is gorgeous hun well done you. Gotta tidy my table off coz everything got chucked on it yesterday when I was doing the tree and I cant craft with it all on there argghhhh!!!
Love n hugz sugar plum
Sam x