Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Something a tad different for y'all

Hello Blog Land,
Something a tad different for you today...I created this cute little cherub for y'all, but here's the twist of it...You not only get this cute little guy all wrapped up in a heart with it's on little sentiment, it comes all separated for you too!!!  Imagine could use him like you see him, or you can take away the sentiment and add your own, or just take the sentiment and the wrap around heart away too...All included in one little package for if that isn't good enough for ya...I also created this to go with it

You got it, a set of SIX matching papers to go with this little you got almost everything you need to get started right here in one little (well kinda big lol) zip...or you can use the papers on another stamp that you have, or some other papers to go with this stamp...I call it my
Mix & Match Stuff lol
Now how does that sound?  If you guys like this, I just may go and make some matching papers for some of my other stamps too...we shall see how this turns out...I love making papers, almost as much as I love making the stamps themselves...if you ever have anything special in mind, drop me a line and let me know, I will see what I can come up with for ya...
Okay, of course running late again...have a big Penny Social at school tonight and guess who has to help run the, yep, yours truly, ME ugh!!!  It should be fun though, bringing my son to help me set up and can't wait to see what I am gonna win at this one...these things can be addicting...
Okay, so...have fun and feedback on this new idea is ALWAYS welcome...
(I can't take credit for the idea - just the stuff that comes out of it lmao)
A good friend of mine said, Hey, you make papers right? and that's all she needed to say lol

Thanks digi Kitty, great idea hun!!!
Talk soon
happy crafting

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