Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone

Good Morning and Happy Easter to Everyone
I am sitting here while everyone is still asleep and trying to get everything done that needs to be done...I am leaving for the big city today and won't be home until tomorrow evening...I really don't mind, my MIL is one of the best cook's in the world..Chef Ramsey would be so proud lol..
Okay today I have a question for anyone that feels like answering me lol
I tried something different when making this last stamp that I made and I want your HONEST opinions please lol...also I placed it on a white preview and need your opinion on that to please...we had a customer say she was having a difficult time seeing the digi's on the pink background, so thought maybe we should go white with them...what do you think...
Also if you wouldn't mind terribly, could you please tell me what you think of the stamp too, it's a different method of drawing it and I am not to sure I like it like that's not in the store yet, I wanted opinions on this first...
Okay, off to wake the kids and hubby and shake a tail feather, oh I did not say that did I roflmao...
Have a wonderful Easter Holiday everyone..
Be Safe Be Happy and Be Back lol
stitch xx


Cheryl said...

you know what i think,hun this is really brilliant hugs cheryl

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Happy Easter Stitch, hope you're having a fab time at your MiLs :D
I definitely prefer the white bg on the stamps, and I think your new one is fab. I have no idea what "different way of drawing" means, and a humming bird image isn't something I'd automatically go for, but this is beautiful :D

grandmamichelf said...

I think it's really nice. I actually like the white background better than the pink, but that's just personal preference for me.

Liz said...

The White is 100% better Stitchy I love this stamp too very nice indeed

Hope your having fun with your family
Liz xx

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous hummingbird