Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A little more on the sultry side...

Good Evening everyone...

Well spent another glorious day at Wally World lol..didn't get to much for me this time...hubby got a set of tools and exchanged a couple pairs of jeans, my daughter got a shaver and looked at camera's but still didn't see anything she liked..don't matter to her about anything but the color of the dam thing lol...kid's go figure for me, i got some card stock paper and some sticky dots that give that 3D feel to the card...I got most of what I needed in yesterday's trip to Wally World...I did get an Angus burger from Mc'D's lmao so the trip was worth it I guess..
Well to give you a little insite on this beauty, she is another Barbara Jensen original and one of my favorites, being as I rode a Harley for years (that's a whole nother story an time) lol... take a pop over and see what Barb has up for grabs, her art work is absolutely gorgeous...
Well, with hubby out fishing and me ready to hit the sack (need to take a nap coz he's gonna wanna watch tv when he get's home lol) I will be back with more for you later this week..
Thanks for everyone that replied to my mini poll about the preview template...I gave a copy to all the girls in the store, so you will be seeing more and more white coming in...I am not sure about changing all the pink's over, I said they didn't have to...I might, but will take a while lol
You all have a lovely evening...
stitch xx


Sarah said...

Your new image is Fabulous Stitch, she looks such a cool Babe!!! and great name too chum, you are very talented with your drawings chum,
glad you had a good day at wally world is this a store or is it a name for walmart lol hehe' Hugs
Sarah xx

Cheryl said...

oh he is one cool dude hun brilliant gosh you are clever,looks bit like elvis with those glasses on,glad you had a good day hun,whally world wish you would not talk about my other half like that ha haaaaaaaaaaa
love hugs cheryl xxxxxxxxxx

Liz said...

Hi ya bikers mol love the image but unsure of what I am gonna do will work out mind you I know the text I want and it could be naughty lol the kis is on my blog but not at all pleased with her will do another soon will get onb with Miss north or hell is it Miss south? and try ur cute little keep fit lass too (Hope she rubs off I aint a bit fit!
Liz x

Padster said...

What more can I say mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Debbie x

Tammy said...

I have to *thank you* for the lovely comment you left me. Brought a smile to my face. I love crafting and it is rewarding to receive any nice comments...but yours was extra sweet! So thank you! I love your artwork. I actually picked your design as my Design for OSAAT coming up...

Sarah A said...

Hey Stitchy

Just wanted to say Thank you for the lovely comments you leave on my blog, I really do appreciate them as much as love your images ;-)

Can you also pass my appreciation to your DT as they always leave such supportive and encouraging comments, even when you have a mega number of entries to your challenges! There are so many challenge blogs that do not even bother to acknowledge your entry and that really peeves me LOL

Thanks again

Happy crafting!

Sarah x

PS Will try and get my entry in for this week nice and early again LOL!