Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Already????

OMG what happened to Monday, got right away from me haha...Well after that game on Sunday ;( I sorta slept hibernated for a bit haha...Nah, it was a really good game, guess that is why they call it the SUPERBOWL haha..well anyway, Monday I went back to work at the bus were for the most part happy to see me, til I started yelling at them again then they was like, don't you have somewhere else to be now :)...

Anyway, after I got home and ate dinner, watched a movie with hubby and son and at 8pm I was like, why bother, let's go to bed NOW off I went and slept like a baby I did...Woke up about 4am to find snow sat down and started making a freebie for this Sunday's Birthday Bash and before I knew it was time to go and clean off the car..Just as I got up, phone this can't be good, someone calling me at 6am...**always worried about that dreaded Pittsburgh call, since mum is 90 this year** anyway, whew, was not Pgh, was school saying stay in bed for 2 more hours there is a delay today...well hell, just call the dam day off I say haha...I could use ONE MORE DAY PLEASE :)...but nooooooo screw me all up with this time change anyway...that's it for today..

Now I am off to go fight the blinding snow devils and get them brats lovely children off to school safely coz that is what I do :)...

Everyone have a safe and crafty day, will be back tomorrow if I find out anything more about the Birthday Bash, make sure you show up, I know there's a ton of prizes to be givin away

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