Sunday, February 6, 2011

SuperBowl Sunday - Finally Here GO STEELERS

Wow can't believe it, Super Bowl Sunday is just one half hour the game will start and I am all ready for it...showered, got clothes ready for work tomorrow (can't believe my vacation is over already haha) and my attendance sheet is printed out...everything by the door so all I have to do is wake up, grab my tea and decide what I want to draw before I go is what I done this weekend..

That one is called Sunday Morn, don't even ask me why coz I won't be able to tell ya...and I did another one of those crazy kid ones...this one is called "the boys" haha - what ya think?

In honor of the SuperBowl Bonna / Kelley Kid's has made the cutest lil guy in a football outfit, so friggin cute he can get him free..thanks Bonna your a sweetie :)...

Ok, game is fixin' to start here real soon and I wanna get a good seat :) I will be back tomorrow to tell ya all about my first day back to that is gonna be a long post haha...
take care and enjoy the game ;)

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Love crafts forever said...

I saw this image in the shop. Adorable, i like that Dog.
Hugs Nat.

Go Steelers GO!!!!!!!!!!