Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Easter - Now find the Egg lol

I see you made your way here from Lyn's House

My egg is here for you to find, be
sure to collect what is in it by clicking it, for your card.
PSssST a little hint >>
why not scroll DOWN and sign my guest book while your here lol...

Do you want to make some extra points?
Do all of the following and receive points for it.

Leave a Comment = 1 point

Become a follower of my blog
(if already a follower, indicate that in your comment) = 1 point

Use one of the New Release Stamps
(they would be the stamps the DT used this week)
and that is worth = 4 points!!

Do everything on the list and it is worth 6 points to you.

Now click the bunny to get to 
Lucy's House to find another egg!
Stitchy xx


Sarah A said...

Hi stitchy

Thanks for the fun! Told you I would come and play. I have become a follower but already follw the challenge blog ;-)

Found the egg too!

Sarah x

Padster said...

*waves* am loving these bunnies - not quite a nice as bears though lol!
Am already a follower

Spyder said...

hey, is this fun or not?? Links that work and then don't....oh what fun!!
(Big Hugs fingers crossed)

Fliss said...

Awh! Stitchy you are such a tease-though I was never going to find that egg when it suddenly popped up!!!
I've joined your band of followers and you probably guessed I already follow OSAAT.
Fliss x

Tink said...

Im a follower, Love the EGG.. Thank you!

Liz said...

Hi Hunny Boy! am I lad thats over..well the blog pos is lol joined lots of challenges to lots and lots to try spread the word lol Chat laters


Liz said...

Did That comment take???lol

Liz xx

Hope Jacare said...

Hopping on by to say hi! In the best type of Easter egg hunt - fat free and envolves Crafting - how cool is that! Cheers Claire (Jacare)

Tammy said...

found it thank you and am a follower!

Susan.... said...

This is fun ! l found your egg and now on to the others..l am a follower !
Susan x

thread-bare said...

Hey hun..... thanks for making me so welcome over the last couple of weeks. Love the new releases xx Clare (DT) xx


Hi Stitchy
Great fun - have now become a follower (already a follower of OSAAT), but haven't found that darned egg yet!!
Hugs, Sylvia xxx

Tammy said...

Lots of fun....enjoying myself this evening...blogging away.

Scrappy said...

I'm a follower...and one of OSAAT. Found the egg too! :)

Scrappy said...

Following you and everyone as I find eggs and hop along! :) Hippity hop!

Bonibleaux Designs said...

I'm already a follower silly!!! I'm leaving a comment and I'm a "wabbit hunting" oopss hehehe I mean I'm a egg-hunting!!

Anne said...

Already follow both you and challenge blog. Found the egg so off to the next one! Hugs x

Spyder said...

Thank you for your lovely comments over on my blog I'm so glad you like
the naughty bear-rabbit!!! I didn't have any 'papers' that siuted him so I made him his own 'hunting ground'! I'm going to put him in a couple of forums later

Lynne in NI said...

Thanks for the egg!

Mary said...

Found it! I'm a follower!

Jeanie said...

How fun!

Gloria Westerman said...

Found it and a followers