Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good Morning Everyone

Well guess it is time I start coming back in here...I wanted to make a new blog skin before I started chatting to ya's in here but time is NOT my friend :)  So we are stuck with the bears for now...they are kinda cute though and they do grow on ya :) haha

Ok, wanted to let y'all know what's been up...We are having a BIG BIRTHDAY BASH at

and if you join in on the fun and post this badge on your blog (the one below that is ;) and if Nat spots ya doin' that - you get a coupon for $5.00 off your next order at the store..

So get that thing posted on your side never know :)..
Now to show you what I been up to for the past ummmmm couple months haha - no I won't show you all that but the last few I think I can find somewhere in this mess :)

This was a little mini collab / kit that me and Oase / Panda Bear Designs did together to honor the game this Sunday...You ARE rooting for the Steeler's RIGHT???  Well I certainly hope so, they are gonna send them packers packin' for sure :)...OOOO let me show you what Jeri did for me..well she sent to my brother in Pittsburgh who happens to be the BIGGEST Steeler's fan around :)..Check it out...him and his wife fell in love with it, got it sittin' right on their tv just waiting on Sunday :)

Now for those of you that don't understand Pittsburghese, lemme translate for yinz :)
Righter there at the bottom of the inside...if this was for the great southern states, would translate to "y'all" and if it was translated to the mid - west to the west coast would be "you guys" but for us folks in Pittsburgh BLITZBURGH it's just plan ole YINZ haha...Stick around and I can teach ya the whole pgh language ;)

Oh while I am showin' off this absolutely fantastic SUPER FANTASTIC card that Jeri made my brother, let me tell ya about Jer's new challenge blog, yinz will wanna pop over and see it, just started up today and let me tell you, she has got one hell of a design team (few after me own heart haha)..
Check her and her ladies out by clicking on her really cool badge...while your at it, grab her badge and spread the word :) - I'll be sponsoring there through out the year :) woo hoo

Ok, now I will show ya one more new preview that I done, lemme see which will it be about the kids I just done up...I called the stamp "hangin' out" and then I show it to Jer and she says to me, reminds me of "Good Times" ya know the show haha...wish I had showed her first, **note to self, have Jeri start naming my stamps for me**  Ok, here it comes.....

Okay that's all I'm showin' ya fer now, oh wait, One more thing and then I gotta go clean the dishes or something constructive or the old man is gonna kick my butt haha...
We got our newest store Collaboration up and if you spend 10 bucks in the store, this sweet thing jumps right into your cart automatically :)...don't ya just love modern technology haha
Most of the girl's from the store are in there..check it out..
It's called our LUCKY collab and you sure will be lucky to get this one :)

Okay that's all I got for ya today, I sure hope I can remember how to get back here, would love to start chatting again to everyone haha...Don't be shy, leave me a comment, I sure get sick of deleting all those spam things I been gettin', would be real nice to actually click ACCEPT COMMENT hahahaha

Have a crafty day and if you can't do that, then it ain't worth gettin' out of da bed then :)


Padster said...

Am I seeing things? A post on Stitchy's blog? lol! Thought you'd made a card as well for about a nano second LMAO.
Deb xx
PS I love the bears even if you don't ;c)

Toucan Scraps said...

looks great Stitchy

Floppy Latte Designs said...

Ok, Now you have the Elf's attention LOL, Yinz gotta come over to see mine more often tooz!

Love crafts forever said...

OMG!!!!!! I am so with you Deb. I can't believ what i see. Stitchy!!!! You made a new post??? Hahaha. Am i glad to see you on my blogger dear. And your bears are cute. I was here two days ago, and wonder why you never post anymore. You read my mind. LOL.
Hugs Nat