Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hi Everyone who reads ;)

Well I finally did it, got a new blog skin (sorry Deb) the bears were just to much for me haha...I never really been a bear person anyway...It's sorta like, either your a dog or a cat person, really hard to be both haha..Not alot going on today, went to doc's yesterday and he  she released me to go back to work on Monday...Yikes, I don't even remember all my kids names on the bus anymore haha...
For those of you that didn't know, I fell kiss the freakin' ground with my middle finger yep, right hand and that is what I am :(...bent that baby the whole way back to kiss my wrists THE WRONG WAY!!!  I never felt such pain in all my days the ring finger too but that didn't break, only my smiling finger here I am 2 weeks before Christmas with my middle finger sticking straight up with a big ole silver splint on it haha...Guess I didn't have to voice how I felt about it, let my finger do all the talking for me hehe...

So anyway, it's still really stiff and I have learned how to type without it now after 6 weeks of not using it, so I guess I don't really need it to much haha...Other than that, been working on tomorrow's big post for the challenge everything ready to go, except of course for the winner's coz last week's challenge isn't done yet..

So, that's all I'm writing for today, coz I got yet another stamp in the works and want to get it finished and in the shop before midnight tonight...Tomorrow is all booked up, once I get the new challenge well on it's way, it's sit and relax on my last day home and gear up for watching the Steeler's send them packer's packin' 

So everyone take care and pop in sometime and say hello :)


Sylvie said...

Hi Stitchy,
I'm loving the new blog skin.. there's a bit of this in all of us Lol.. Hugs

Jo Davies said...

lol Stitchy loved reading your post.... love the new blog too, hope your finger is on the mend! Jo xxx

laney said...

Stitchy I love it ..looks great

Barbara Jensen Art said...

Wow Stitch! Gorgeous and cute at the same time. Nice job ny friend. :)

Love crafts forever said...

Awesome. So.. where is you-Angel or Devil? LOL. I think you are both. And hey, don't work to hard.
Hugs Nataliya

uksharon said...

Fabulous - much more appealing and younger looking.
Best wishes, Sharon

Chocolate Orange said...

Ooh fantastic !!! Love it stitchyness.
Glad to hear your finger is on the mend.. Hope your 1st day back is ok ;O) xx

Susan.... said...

Just popped over to say Hi and l hope all goes well on Monday when you return to work. Glad the finger is mending well. Sounded so painful !

Your blog looks super ! Good luck with the new stamp tonight .
Enjoy the game tomorrow !
susan x

Oase said...

I love it, so nice and bright. Let me guess your the Angel HUH? hahahahahaha

Liz said...

just a touch of the,,,, devil,,, in this

liz xx

Padster said...

Love the new skin - glad not everyone is a bear person coz then there'd be none left for me LOL!

This is far more you but one of them girls should have a crown on :c) Not saying which one I ain't had my brave pills today LMAO!

Deb x

April said...

hot dang it looks goooooooooood in here Stitch!!!!!!!

Marjo said...

Oh yeah, gotta love it! Awesome..

xoxo Marjo

ona_i_ja said...

Oh Stitchy....
I love your blog skin!!! This is awesome!


Bonna Kelley said...

Love it!
Bold and Beautiful, just like you.
Great job!