Monday, November 30, 2009

Want these images FREE

Ho Ho Ho Christmas is in the air lol
You want these beauties to play with????
Pop on over to our challenge today at DICO and they are yours for the takin'...
But the trick here is, if ya do, make sure you submit it in the challenge...hey ya never know, you just might walk away with even more goodies lmao...
Come on over and give it a go...
Right now, I'm out the door, back to work UGH...
stay dry

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Waiting on Santa

Don't know what I was waiting for to put this one up lmao...
come see what our New DT has done with this little cutie...
Tomorrow's challenge at DICO
Why don't you give it a go...would love to see what you come up with..

New Goodies today

Good Morning Everyone,
Well here it is - THE END OF THE LONG WEEKEND -
Where does the time go???  Speaking of time, I have 3 new stamps I did manage to create while off work the past 5 days lol...up there is Daisy...ever hear of the movie, Driving Miss Daisy hahahaha, that's how she got her name...she is the first in a series of 3
Now the next one, Emma, she is a fashion queen for sure...don't ya just love the hats these vintage ladies use to wear??  I think they are da bomb lol

and last but not least (these were kinda fun to do, so might be seeing more lol)
Meet the youngest of them all

You can also get them in a pack if you like..they are available in sets of 3
Hope you enjoy...
Timing Out

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Starting December First

Good Morning All,
Well took the night off last nite and went to the neighbors for some good cheer!!!  No, I didn't get sloshed lmao...never touch the stuff...anyway, when I got home and went to the store, look what I found...
Yep, a Christmas pressie for all of you...and it's gonna last the whole month of December...
So, be sure to be at the door first thing Tuesday morning...
Then on Monday, November 30th, we are introducing our new Design Team to the challenge board...I for one, can't WAIT to see all the pretty designs they have in store...So pop on over and show us all what you can do..
Look forward to seeing you there...
Enjoy the rest of the weekend...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Good Morning All,
Well I got 5 dayz off straight in a row woo hoo...and guess what else, only 5 more dayz till our next DICO challenge...gonna be a goodie with all what you see in the top sticky post up for grabs...what a way to kick off our new DT member's...Make sure you stop by and watch all those digi's up there pop into life...I know I can't wait to see all the beautiful cards they gonna make up...but like you, I gotta wait too, no sneak peeks aloud lmao...
Okay for all you folks out there that never have to be Blessed with that awful four letter word SNOW, I made up this little cutie...that and it rained here all day yesterday in NY and I was in a rainy day mode lol...
Well she is HERE for the takin' if ya want her lol
I"m off to do more before the crew wakes up and starts to buggin' me lol
Stay Dry

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Santa Wants YOU

Good Morning Everyone....
How was your Monday??  Mine was well a bit busy I much that I came home last nite and just dropped...was actually in bed by 8pm, YIKES, does that mean I'm gettin' old when you go to bed before your kid's lmao...was just a long day I guess...
Now I gotta ask ya...does this santa look like Uncle Sam to you?  lol I thought so..he's lookin' like he wants something huh? lmao...anyway, he is in the store now...
Linked just in case you forgot how to get there lmao...
Okay, last day of work for me for a couple dayz...I'm sure I will be here over the Thanksgiving holiday, nothing planned as of yet...the bird is in the freezer and the old man still hasn't gotten his deer, so I know where he will be most of the day lol...better get me some meat, that's all I know lol
Kay, y'all have a wonderful day crafting today...
hugs and butterfly kisses

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Been a Very Long Day.....

Hi Everyone,
Wow what a long day today, maybe coz I had so much to do and didn't know where to start lol...that always happens to me, I get so overwhelmed sometimes...well anyway, did manage to kick out a few goodies for the's the first one, called
Wishing You Well

and then I thought, hmmmm why not make some sentiments and wrap them all up in a 6 pack lol
So, that is what I did...Not kidding I had almost 50 windows opened and everyone of them were different fonts here they are...kinda hard to see in preview, but I thought they come out pretty

Okay that's all I got for today...
Only two days of school this week then we off til Monday woo I am sure I will be doing more fun things lol...with all them days off...
til then
were are these at again??

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ginger Dude is today's FREEBIE

Good Morning Everyone,
Well today is the Opening Day of Deer season here in NY and shots are all around lol...
My brother in law just bagged a buck and him and hubby went back up to see what else they could conjour up lmao...Men, sheesh...well I don't mind coz I am a big fan of the deer meat, so I say have at it lol
Anyway, on with today's buddy Sammy Girl has just told me that her friend Cheryl lost all her stamps in a dreaded fire and she only has a few...with that said, I whipped up this little guy and decided it was FREEBIE time again lol...
So without further can grab him here if you dare hahaha
>>>>HERE HE IS<<<<
If ya grab him, of course I would love to see what you done with him and if ya tell me ya ate him, well, if your name is Sam, then I will understand hahahaha - sorry love, can't resist pickin at ya lmao..
Okay, back to work for me...made my traditional chili at 8AM now it's time for the taste testing...
Stay warm and craft all day - that's an order lol

Friday, November 20, 2009

Vintage Vamp

Well, Good Afternoon Everyone,
How's y'all doin' today?  Pretty good here except they took my short bus away from me today and gave me this big old handicap tank to drive from now on...I don't know, I must have been sleep walking in the Shop bosses house last night and pissed in his cheerio's or something, I can't figure out why he did that to me, grrrrr...Anyway, on with the show huh? lol
Today I bring you a sultry vintage vamp lol, if there ever was such a creature...I"m pretty sure there was lol...least that is what I read...there she is just waiting to come to life like I know you all can
And let me ask you...where can you find her?????  All together now........
Yeah, I am makin' it to easy for you guys huh?  hahahaha
Okay gotta split, have so so much to do...
Pop in and say hello sometime...would love to hear what you have to say, good or bad, all criticism  or even if ya want to say hey, I want to see this or that, you know I'll do my best to get cha what ya need...won't know though, till ya ask...
Talk real soon, the weekend here and I plan on gettin' all caught up...or else hahaha
Enjoy your crafty day..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hey Everyone Check out the Blog Candy

Morning oopsie, Afternoon everyone lol
I was just out blog hopping and lookie what I found...Leah the Orange is givin' away some awesome blog I never ever made a card in my life before, but I am seriously considering it...I have been doing alot of shopping around, joining groups and just gathering as much knowledge as I can...I get alot of encouraging words from alot of my online buddies and I think I just may have a go at it lmao...I will be sure to let ya know if I dare such a thing lol...Well heck, I know I"m gonna it's just a matter of when now...I bought a few goodies this morning at the local grocery store lmao...if you could imagine that
Okay, gotta fly today, hubby goin to doc's and takin the only car we got, so I gotta go to work almost an hour early UGH!!!  Guess I'll wash my windows on the bus, I have a ton of tiny finger artists on my bus and I ran outta paper for them the other day lmao...
Cheers and Good Tidings...


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 New Stamps 4 Ya's

Okay how's everyone doing today???
I reckon I am peachy keen lmao...if that is possible after last nite...Went to the hospital to I think, say our goodbye's to my sister in law who is also my very favorite in-law of all time...she is in a bad way and has been for over 2 years now...between strokes and RA and everything else in the medical english language, she either has it or has had it...heavy sigh...
But on to the bright I got a Nutcracker (the good kind if any guys are reading hahaha)..Now I ask you, what is Christmas without one of these guy's hanging around...
Being in a Christmassy mood these past few dayz, don't ask me why, it's the warmest it's been in NY since August lmao...weird weather this year for sure...anyway, here comes #2 stamp (which by the way will be used by the DT in December 3rd's challenge at Moving Along With The Times) Me and Donna will be sponsering that challenge with FREE digi's for the prize...Not real sure of the ironed out details yet, but be sure to stop by...okay here she is...

Okay that's it for today, but you never know, the day is still pretty young, sun is shinning bright and I still have tonite lmao...
Thanks for stoppin' by, cya on the flip
Craft OUT...
oopsie, almost forgot - you can get these where???
am I makin this to easy for ya lmao....
Have a Nice Day....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dance Fever Silhouette

Good Evening,
Well here it is finally Monday is almost over whew, what a long day it was today...I don't even know why lol..just seemed like it was never gonna end today...I did manage to get another stamp done, this silhouette has a bit of a twist, some color to the fireworks lmao...boy am I gettin' bored huh ...
Anyway, if you haven't already, stop over at Saturday Spotlight, me and a few of the other creator's are sponsoring this week...Prize is 3 digi's from the store..hey what the heck, Free is Free lmao...
You can get there from right HERE
Take a peek at what that awesome DT has done with all our stamps...while your at it, try the challenge, looks like a fun one...I'm in the process of learning how to do the cards myself, that should be interesting lmao...I will keep ya updated on that idea...
And as usual, you can find the silhouette above at
Have a great rest of the night, I know I'm gonna go relax for awhile and start all over again tomorrow lol
Sweet Dreams

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Teacher's Pet Book Marks (3) in Pack

Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone...
Well, I am off again today to go to the city for dinner at my MIL's house..She makes the best meals, so this gal is not complainin' lmao...Anyway, before I go, thought I would get these bookmarks in the store before Christmas has come and gone and you forgot all about gettin' the teacher's a little somethin' lol..I know I am guilty of that all the time...Now that my kid's are both in their teens, don't matter much I guess..
Will be back with full belly and big smile tonite lmao...
Talk with ya then...
Have a Crafty Day
oh yeah, case you forgot
is where they are lol
Peace Out

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Okay I'm back and with a Freebie this time lol...
Here's the deal, I was suppose to go to the city today to see my sister in law in the hospital...which would have taken me away for all my play time today...and usually when we go there on Saturday, we end up spending the nite which REALLY would have infringed on my play time lmao...
I made a deal with hubby, if I help him clean one of his buildings tonite and we go to city tomorrow (no chance of spending the nite then, work Monday morning haha) then I could have more play time today...he love's when I go clean with him, so he was so happy, he went out in the woods hunting and gave me even more quiet time on here lmao...
So look's like it's a win win situation lol...I get time to play and y'all get a Freebie, which oh by the way
can be grabbed right
I was gonna keep it a surprise for ya, but since I went and named the dang file what it was, guess that's no surprise DUH and more DUH'sssss lol
So here is what you are gettin', that's only if ya want it

I hope you enjoy designing cards with this silhouette as much as I enjoyed makin' it...
Have a Crafty Day...

10 Pack Vintage Christmas Papers 8x11

Well Good Morning Crew...
How has your past couple dayz been?  Mine pretty hectic or I would have been in here with more stuff for ya lmao...I worked on some Christmas papers last nite and can't believe I have them in the store already...These babies will print out 8x11 give or take a few lmao...I would love to see these in the background of a card, so if any of you get them, please send me the end results so I can show them off lmao..
Okay, back to the drawing board...Oh yeah, don't forget to stop by

Would love to see what you can do for this challenge...
See ya at the Spotlight
just click on the picture to get there....

Friday, November 13, 2009

My First Award

Well firstly,I have to thank Sam for this lovely award (your right Sam, like I don't have enough to do already lol, now don't you complain if I don't get that special stamp done for you right straight hahaha)
Looks like I'm gonna be busy here for a bit answering questions...

1 Where is you cell phone - what's a cell phone?
2 Hair - thick as a brick - no wait that's a song lol
3 Mother - 350 long miles away
4 Father - passed 7 years ago day after my birthday
5 What is you favourite food - shrimp, lobster, crab with a side of filet mignon
6 Dream last night - when I slept or awake?
7 Favourite drink - coffee, tea, pepsi
8 Your dream goal - be rich enough to hire Chef Ramsey
9 What room are you in? - Home Office
10 Your hobby - Mostly makin' digi stamps for my card makin' friends
11 Your fear - Loosing one of my kid's
12 Where do you want to live in 6 years time? - Huge log cabin on top of a mountain
13 Where were you last night? tried to go to ceramics class but it was closed, so went to friends house
14 Something that you aren't - stingy
15 Muffins - hot full of butter
16 Wishlist item - my own lappy
17 Where did you grow up? Pittsburgh PA home of the Steeler's
18 Last thing you did - Let cat outside
19 What are you wearing - long flannel nightie
20 Your TV - Heck no it's 4:30AM shhhh
21 Your pets - 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds
22 Your friends - blog buddies, kids on my bus
23 Your life - has it's ups and downs
24 Your mood - mellow yellow
25 Missing someone - my Mum
26 Vehicle - 1993 Plymouth voyager van
27 Something you're not wearing - shoes
28 Your favourite store - Michael's
29 Your favourite colour - Purple
30 Last time you laughed - last night
31 Last time you cried - night before
32 Your best friend - My hubby
33 One place you go to over and over - computer room
34 One person who emails you regularly - Judy, Sam
35 Favourite place to eat - Olive Garden even though it's been years
36 Facebook - yeah even though I am clueless in there lol

Whew made it lol, that wasn't so bad
Now to find 5 people that I want to inflict this one hahaha

There all done, it was harder to find 5 people to send to then it was to do all those questions lol
Ta Ta for now

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Release Stamp Party Today

Good Morning Everyone Who See's
We are having a New Release Party today at the store
This is my stamp and we have 7 other creator's that are putting theirs up today too...So come on and join the party...Now I never done one of the Release party's before, so I'm not sure if there are gonna be refreshment's and all that, you will have to go and find that out for yourself lol...Did you not see the link???, well here let me give it to ya again
Okay, I'm gonna be just a little late gettin' to the party since I gotta do "real world" stuff, like go to school and pick up my kiddies lmao...but make sure you save me a seat, coz I don't want to miss to much...
I'll see ya there...
Peace out and Party!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pearls N Leather

Good Morning my fellow crafters...
Well here it is Sunday morning and I'm just cleaning out my "oven" and look what I found lol...or should that have been closet haha...anyway, started this months ago but them pearls got to me, so had to put them on the shelve for a bit...
Not alot going on today...guess I will be going to MIL's for lasagna dinner, now that breaks my heart NOT!!!  My sil made two big dishes up for today since Wednesday was my mil's birthday and Friday my daughter' we always celebrate every year the two of them together...
It's still pretty quite here at the home front (everyone still asleep shhhh) so I'm gonna draw for a bit, and maybe just maybe I will get yet another stamp up here for y'all to enjoy...
Peace Out
I want to thank everyone for leaving me them nice comments, but it's y'all that deserve the kudo's...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blog Awards

Okay, I am sitting here thinking, what can I do to show my appreciation for all the beautiful cards and all that these ladies have been so kind to design for me...I thought, what else but an award...
So I created this award for the "special" Design Team that I have had the pleasure to "work" with...
You ladies are the best in my book...I am so happy to have had the chance to create for your addictions...

You can do what ever it is you want to with this strings attached can pass it on to other's if you like, or just display it on your blog for your own's yours to do with as you please...I just want you ALL to know how much you mean to me...
Love ya ALL

Love & Hugz

Mushroom Delight

Finished up another one from "the oven" before I have to travel into the city to see my sister  in law maybe one last time...Have you ever had one of them weeks where it is just one bad thing after another...well I guess it's my turn for that...
Not feeling like talking right now, but wanted to get this in here for y'all to view...

Peace and Love

Freebie Stamp "Butterflies Are Free"

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this...
We at Digital-Ink, Co put together a collab in October to stamp out breast cancer...
I never dreamed that I would be giving away my portion of the stamp in honor of a friend of mine who was laid to rest yesterday from breast cancer...Her only son and my son (13 years old) have been friends since kindergarten and rode the same bus for the past 8 years of their lives.  She was beyond close to her son and she will be missed dearly by many...
Please when you download this free stamp, all I ask is that you say a little prayer for Kim
Thank you all who see
God Bless


A lady friend of mine wrote to me and asked me if I had anything for a sympathy card...I looked and I did not...hmmm I thought, that should be in a stamp I went and made one up last the reason she asked me this, is there is a DT member on a challenge site that just lost her little 3 year old boy...and she wanted to make her a card...if you would like to read about it, warning, tis very can go HERE
I was very touched by this story, it's bad enough when we loose our parents or someone else who is in our lives that have had time to live out their lives, but somehow it is just un-natural to loose our kids first...I could not even imagine that happening to me... Anyway, that is the reason for this stamp...
As for me today, I will be adding another FREEBIE today...but unfortunately, this freebie belongs to another sad story that has touched my life...this one not from the internet but from someone I have known for 15 years...stop back and here her story...
Peace and Love

Friday, November 6, 2009

What's Cookin'

Good Morning Everyone,
Well, I been kinda quiet for a bit..lot's going is my daughter's 16th birthday and I'm feelin' the memories starting to flow lol...I have to ask, where does the time go???  It was just yesterday she was reaching her little pillow hands up to me and wanting to be in my I'm lucky if I get a small peck on the cheek at bedtime they grow so fast...word of advice to all you young mother's "cherish the moments, they don't last forever" 
Okay, enough of the mushy stuff lol...up there is my newest stamp, since I love Hell's Kitchen, I couldn't resist this guy can find him right HERE
We got some really cool things going on over at the store, might want to get signed up for the newsletter, got some great freebies every month for all those that are signed up...
Pop over and stay awhile, might find something you like lol
As for me, I'm off to work's snowing all around me and I'm so happy this is the last day of school this week...Been terriable there with this dang ole Swine Flu...I drive a short bus and only had 4 kids on the other day...never seen absenties so bad...We had over 300 kids missing 2 days many if you ask me lol...
You all have a wonderful day today and a better day tomorrow
hugz - stitch

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bucky Bronco

Good Morning Everyone,
Well, I woke up to no coffee left in my canister and this is exactly how I felt lol..I have the French vanilla, but YUKKOLA lol...not one of my fav's...
Anyway, got this crazy horse for ya to color up and do what ever it is you do to make em purdy lmao...
No time to talk today, gotta run, late again grrrr.
get him at